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My Mission is to help 1,00,000 working professionals to achieve growth by offering my mentorship and experience on computer networking.

"Networking is the lifeline of the digital age".

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Explore Data networking

A data network is a system designed to transfer data from one network access point to one other or more network access points via data switching, transmission lines, and system controls. Data networks consist of communication systems such as circuit switches, leased lines, and packet switching networks. Data networks and data networking solutions impact nearly all modern day communication, such as telecommunications and the Internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the live sessions conducted?

  • Live classes are conducted through Zoom Meetings software. The Zoom ID is shared once the student enrol in the course and the course is added to the student portal.

Are all classes live? What if I miss a session?

  • You don’t need to worry if you miss the session. The recorded videos of the sessions will be uploaded online in the student portal within 24 hours of the live session and all recorded videos would be accessible to the students.

Where can I enrol for this course?

  • You can register yourself on the Contact page or visit the schedule page on

Why do you not have classroom training available?

  • Most of the student base consists of experienced and working individuals who prefer the online mode of learning as it is more flexible and gives a better opportunity to the learners to proceed on their own pace. Moreover, Datanetworkers has a global presence, which is better manageable with an online learning mode. We also focus on the cost-effective methods for combo courses learning as the practical are all virtual, therefore we do not charge any extra fee for the lab access.

What if my query is not listed here?

  • Please share your contact details on the Contact page to get a call back from our counsellors.